The Shepherdess

A young woman at the mercy of kings. A prince whose claim to the throne is challenged. One chance to make this life all they imagined it could be. 

Abishag may not be living the joyful life she once had before her oldest brother took over the household, but she can always escape to the fields for solace. There she can let down her veil, sing to the flowers and the sheep, and bask in the warmth of a sun-drenched sky of purest blue. And there she can meet Yaron, the young man she has loved as long as she can remember. Yet even this will be taken from her when men come searching out a beautiful woman to attend the aged King David.

Enclosed within the high palace walls as part of the king’s harem, Abishag wonders what happened to the life she had planned to live. As the king’s health deteriorates, his sons contend with each other, hoping to succeed him and take possession of what was his—including his beautiful young attendant . . .



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About the book

The Shepherdess (an e-book short story), #2 in the Loves of King Solomon series, is the story of Abishag of Shunem, the last wife of King David. When Solomon inherits this beautiful woman as part of his harem, palace intrigue rises and her life is suddenly wrapped up in the literal life and death struggle for power. Come, join me as we imagine what might have been…