The Desert Princess

On the cusp of young womanhood, Naamah, Princess of Ammon, loses her heart to Solomon, heir-apparent to Israel’s throne. But Ammon is a lowly vassal state, and Naamah is an unequal match for King David’s son. Can Naamah convince her father to seek an alliance anyway? And if she marries the would-be king, how can she keep him all to herself? Can she risk sharing a man she cannot help but love?



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About the book

The Desert Princess (an e-book short story) begins the journey into the lives of four royal women who touched the life of King Solomon. Naamah, a princess of Ammon; Abishag, a maid from Shunem; Siti, the Egyptian Princess; and Makeda, the Queen of Sheba. Discover their possible histories and follow them into the courts of King Solomon where they observe not only his wisdom but his weaknesses. Which ones will encourage him to obey his God? Which will work to topple his faith? The final journey will weave these stories together and take us into the heart of King Solomon. What secrets we find there can be found in the pages of Scripture and taken from the author’s imagination. There is more to come.