My Faith Story

The first time I seriously thought about death was when I rode home from the funeral home with my parents after a man my dad worked with had died. I started asking questions, and I became very worried about the future. What happened when we died? What did death even mean? The worries grew to fears and though I’m sure my parents answered my questions, I couldn’t quite grasp their explanations. One day, to help me understand it all better, in a way my eight year old mind could comprehend, my big sister handed me a little booklet titled, My Heart – Christ’s Home by Robert Boyd Munger. I plopped onto my parents’ big bed and read it cover to cover. Mr. Munger’s book pierced my heart. It exposed the fact that I was a sinner and that Jesus wanted to come into my heart and cleanse every room, taking ownership of the whole house. He would make my heart clean and whole, if I would but give him the keys. As I closed the book, my eyes shut with it and I prayed with every ounce of my being. “Dear Lord, please come into my heart.” I opened my hand and offered him the imaginary keys. “And take all the keys to every room. Clean them out and live there. I give my whole heart to you.” To the best of my child-like ability, I surrendered my life to Jesus. When my prayer ended, I felt this all encompassing sense of peace. I tested it right away with thoughts of dying, and there was no fear! I was free from the biggest fear that plagues mankind. I knew that Jesus would be with me from then on, wherever I went, and that one day, I would be with Him in heaven. Many years have come and gone since then. I won’t tell you that those years have all been easy because they haven’t. But this one thing I know. Christ is at home in my heart by faith because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross when he died for my sins. His death cancelled the debt I owed to God for my sin, and His resurrection gave me the power to become His child because I believe in His name. Even death can’t take that from me. And I look forward to being with Him face to face someday.

A little booklet, a story, spelled truth to me that day so long ago, because Robert Boyd Munger obeyed God’s call to write those words-words that explained the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that even a child could understand. About ten years ago, God led me to write a children’s story to explain the gospel. It was printed in a church newsletter and given to dozens of children. I never learned whether any of those children came to faith because of that story, but God used it to reach my youngest son a few years later. He came to me after reading it and said he finally understood what it meant to be saved, and he gave his heart to Jesus Christ. Jesus is still using the power of story to spread His Word, to reach people for Himself. If He calls you to write, don’t ever underestimate the power of His gift.