One year ago today, I sat by the side of my dad's bed for the very last time on this earth. Well, probably the last time ever as I kind of doubt we will need sleep in heaven. Then again...I won't know until I get there. It's hard to believe a whole year has passed since that day, and I will admit, some days are tough. I miss him.

I was driving someplace the other day and listening to the music on my iPhone. Phil Wickham's "Heaven Song" started to play, bringing back the memories and emotion of that day. Two of my boys sang that song at my dad's funeral, per their desire and my request. That song will forever have my dad's name written invisibly between the lines of each stanza.

There are so many things I miss about my dad. I miss his smile and his subtle sense of humor. I miss the way he looked at me - how his eyes would light when I walked into the room. I miss the way he would sit back and watch his grandchildren at play, and how he was always there if we needed someone to talk to.

I never doubted my dad's love for me, for us, and even in the nursing home, he retained a grateful attitude for the people who took care of him. I wonder if I would be as thankful. (And don't want to find out!) But he definitely left me with an example to learn from. A great legacy.

I don't suppose we ever quite get over the loss of a parent. But it is good to remember, to recall the good times and to celebrate the life of one who has walked this path before me...and made the journey easier for his having been here.


Jill Eileen SmithComment