Cover Reveal and Summer Happenings

Last week Revell allowed me to share the cover of my next book A Passionate Hope, Hannah's Story, which will release next February. It's early to talk about it, but so fun to share the great covers Revell comes up with--and the book is available for pre-order on Amazon. Of course, Redeeming Grace, Ruth's Story is still new, so if you haven't seen it yet, I hope you get the chance. Ruth's story, which is also Naomi's story, is close to my heart. But since some of you aren't on Facebook or other social media, I realized that it would help to also share the cover reveal here! And if you want to be kept up-to-date on more book news, please consider signing up for my newsletter. The summer edition will go out June 21, 2017, the official first day of summer! Though you could argue that summer is already visiting Michigan today as it is already 90 degrees, headed to 92! Almost as high as my mom's age! And much too hot for some of us to traipse outside of our air-conditioned houses or apartments.

So I'm staying inside today as well and am trying desperately to get through the compilation of the Loves of King Solomon. The fourth installment of this series in e-book - The Queen of Sheba- releases this September, 2017. The compilation will be a paperback version and releases a years after A Passionate HopeA few more chapters to edit in this compilation which is more than just putting the four stories together, and then I'll be on to my first non-fiction book.

I'm looking forward to this challenge of studying these biblical women in a different light to see how their stories can impact ours. In my many years of Bible reading and study, I have come to see the bigger picture of God's great grace, and while I don't have all of the answers (far from it!), I believe God placed these women in Scripture to teach us. To show us His love, mercy, forgiveness, power, grace and so much more. To show us how to live at a heart level. So we will wander down the path of introspection and ask the Lord to guide the way. I hope these upcoming books will be healing to those of us, including this author, from the broken things we hide so neatly in our hearts.

As for the rest of summer, I plan to do a lot of writing, but I'm also taking a business trip to a speaker's conference in North Carolina. I still don't know where God is leading or if speaking is His direction into a whole new challenge, but I love to learn and that's why I'm going. I would covet your prayers for this journey.

I would also covet prayer for a back issue that has been waking me up at night. They've called it all kinds of things, but pinched nerve makes the most sense. I'm seeking God for healing, if He is willing.

Other than that, we look forward to each day wondering what God has in store for it. As Solomon said in Proverbs, "In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps." And since we don't know what a day may bring, we have determined to seek the Lord in each moment. To do what He has already planned for us to do. There is no better way to live.

One last note...I'm hoping to explore the topic of love in some upcoming blog posts. The idea of love is bandied about a lot these days. But what is love? If you had to define it, what words would you use to describe love? What does it mean to love God? Is self-love a biblical concept? Can love exist apart from God whose very character and nature is love?

If you have more questions on this topic, please email me or comment below. One can hardly avoid love when writing about Solomon's loves. I hope you will join me in exploring how this applies to us.


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