Book schedule breakdown and blessings

Last year at this time, I was in St. Louis and the ACFW Writer's Conference and rooming with my friend and former critique partner, Maureen Lang. What a fun weekend! This year the conference is in Dallas, but alas, I am home. I Skype-chatted yesterday with another friend and critique partner who is there this year. Brought back many memories of conferences past. I hope all who are attending this year have a wonderful time, learn lots, and come home challenged and renewed. This morning in Michigan a thunder storm  rolled through overhead. What a glorious sound! We don't get storms often here, but they are fun to listen to and watch when the come - though the cats would not agree.

I crested the 20,000 word mark on Naamah yesterday. The story is allowed to be 24-27K in length so it is nearing the end. I've been asked when the Loves of King Solomon will release. Unfortunately, I have no idea! I am contracted to write one full-length novel and one novella each year. Here is the breakdown, for those who might be interested:

Rebekah, book two in the Wives of the Patriarchs series is in the final stages of editing. It releases February 1, 2013

Rachel, book three in the Wives of the Patriarchs is written in the first draft and due to my editor in December. I plan to start editing it, reading it aloud to myself, and polishing any difficult places in October.

Naamah, book one in the Loves of King Solomon novella series is almost completed in the first draft. It is due to my editor in March 2013.

Next year, January 2013, I will start work on Rahab's story, book one in the Brides of the Promised Land series. Once I complete that first draft and take a break, I will begin the second novella about Abishag in the Love of King Solomon series. Deadlines fall in December and March, but in between the writing of each book or novella, there will be edits on the previous book, coming from my editor. So it is a juggling act between stories at times. Fortunately for my addled brain, I am very familiar with King David, so Solomon's era is not completely new to me.

Of course, all of the knowledge in the world does not create a good story. That takes research and time and prayer (not in that order). Some days the work is fascinating (especially during research moments and the thrill of a new discovery), and sometimes the work is just work that needs to be completed. This novella series is a new venture for me in that the novellas must stand alone, but also fit together in one book in the end. Tricky task.

Other than that, life is full. The older I get the more life's challenges send me to seek God's face in prayer. There are so many needs! So many problems with no solution.

I was listening to Spotify as I put on my makeup this morning, and they played one of my favorite songs - Blessings by Laura Story. I leave you with her words: