Blaming God


How easy it is to blame God for what we as humans do to each other and ourselves. Does it surprise you to know that God's heart aches when His people reject Him? When they run off and do things their own way without even consulting Him? Yeah. Guilty. I have regrets of speaking before thinking or praying. Of reacting and sometimes I get pretty intense. (Just ask my hubby!) Hurt hurts. And when we hurt, we so often want to lash out as someone. Something.

And don't we often want to mentally shake our fists and cry out to God, "Why?" I bet if we're honest there is not one of us who hasn't blamed God for something at some point in our lives. We figure that if He's truly all powerful then He could stop whatever awful thing has happened, right?

But Beloved, God isn't to blame for evil.But there is an enemy who is. He deceives the world and he is a master of lies. Don't underestimate his schemes.

And don't you know he uses our own anger and hurt against us? He feeds off of it and delights in seeing us holding grudges, blaming, mocking, withholding our love, treating our neighbor with contempt instead of love. Oh yeah, he loves it when we blame God for what he's so good at tricking us to do to each other, to ourselves.

Let's commit ourselves to becoming so in tune with who God really is that we know His heart. If we do, if we read and trust His Word, I promise we will be far less likely to blame Him and have far more reason to praise Him for He truly is GOOD. And we will be able to recognize the lies of our enemy.

One day God will lose patience with evil. Perhaps you ask why does He wait? He waits to give all people everywhere a chance to know Him. But His Spirit will not always strive with us. He is well aware of evil and injustice and trust me - He has a plan to make all things right. We want it now, and when He doesn't act in our timing, we blame Him.

But His patience toward us who are so prone to rejecting Him, is for our good. God wants our repentance and he longs for us to seek Him. Oh that we would come to Him instead of run from Him, while there is still time. Evil people will not exist forever. But God will and His Word will prove that He is not to blame. He is good. He is true.

May we all learn to trust Him and love Him as He loves us.

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