Birthdays, blogs, and other stuff...

I feel very neglectful of this blog these days, but not without good reason! We are putting the last touches on a new website, which I can't wait to share with you! I've been uploading content from this website, while my webmaster has been incorporating the information from the Wives of King David website to roll all of the information into one. With two more series in the works, it is too hard to keep up with both sites (though the Wives of King David site will remain as it is for another year), or to continue to have separate series websites, so from now on, all information can be found on the new (coming very soon!) website. In the meantime, I also celebrated another birthday on Valentine's Day. Actually, it was a celebration broken into parts because we were waiting for my guys to feel better. One had a cold and the other had the stomach flu, and they both tried desperately not to share them with me. Thankfully, they are doing much better, and I have kept both illnesses at bay, for which I'm very grateful.

So I cooked dinner on my actual birthday, but we went to Red Lobster last night to celebrate with my mom. In years past, my dad used to take me to lunch on my birthday - a father/daughter tradition that I cherished. But alas, Daddy had to miss this years' celebration. I suspect, if God allowed, that he was watching. But I did miss hearing his prayer for me.

On the bright side, I had a wonderful two days with my family (in person and long distance over Skype) and dear friends who texted or called or sent cards or posted wishes on my Facebook wall. We watched Downton Abbey two days in a row, and I got to see the finale on Blue Ray (a birthday gift) before it airs here on Sunday night. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day! God is gracious!

In other news...Sarai is starting to hit bookstore shelves. PW (Publishers Weekly) reviewed it and among other things had this to say:

“Smith is at her best in handling the triangulated relationship between Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar…Smith breathes new imaginative life into a well-known sacred story.”

So thank you, PW!

The official blog tour for Sarai is coming up March 4-10! A blog tour is where people who have received review copies of the book agree to post a review during that week. We have 66 bloggers on the list this year! I hope each one enjoys the book.

I'm off to work on the story of Rachel and Leah. Birthdays tend to slow things down a bit, and I'm two days behind on my word count. Time to play catch up!