Release Day! Daughter of the Nile!


Daughter of the Nile RELEASE DAY!!

This third installment in the Loves of King Solomon e-book series is now available from the following vendors: Amazon (for Kindle)Barnes and Nobel (for Nook)Christian Book

If you missed them, the first two books in the series were: Desert PrincessThe Shepherdess

Coming next year will be the last novella (short story) on the Queen of Sheba. Then I will be working on a paperback compilation with extras for release in 2019.

Here is the info on Daughter of the Nile:

Explore with me the exotic world of ancient Egypt and ponder the dilemma Siti faces when she leaves her homeland, her family, and the worship of her many gods, to live in Jerusalem where only Yahweh is worshiped. Can Siti leave her favorite goddess Bastet behind? Will she ever make sense of this land, it’s strange worship of one God, and a husband who is as wise and ever-changing as the wind? What must it have been like for a foreigner to marry the famous Israelite King? Come…imagine with me…

About the series: Four royal women. One king. Each has a story uniquely their own and each must face a life they did not expect. What events set them on their course? What love will they choose in the end?

I hope you enjoy this exotic story of a Egyptian princess who married the most powerful man in biblical history.

In His Grace, ~Jill