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Every now and then you run across a book that just grabs you by the throat and won't let go. Doesn't happen all that often. But it happened to me again the other day with a book that is worth sharing. The book deals with the tough subject of abuse within the church and within Christian homes. The story is Sadie's Song by Linda Hall, which takes the reader on the journey of Sadie's life with an abusive husband (who also happens to be an exemplary "Christian"). He prays and sings to be noticed, is on committees and boards at church and pretty much well thought of in the church. But he has an angry side, and Sadie and her children know it. Lest I give the story away, I'll just give the back cover copy here:

This book opens with the disappearance of nine-year-old Ally Buckley, a circumstance which bears too much resemblance to another recent and chilling event. Fear spreads throughout the New England fishing village of Coffins Reach and the local church that Sadie and her family attend. When Sadie discovers a drawing done by Ally among her abusive husband's possessions, she suspects danger may be closer to home than she'd ever known possible.

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Though this book isn't a new release, I had only heard of it recently. I am so glad I did! As I read the story, it struck me how vividly the characters sounded like people I've known. The angry husband was not so very different from some men I've met through the years. I have a new appreciation for abused women and children, and a better understanding of how churches must not judge by outward appearances. Those who sing and pray the loudest might not be all that they appear. And yet, even then only God knows the heart. But it is also wise for us to discern and to help such victims of abuse in times of need.

You will be captivated by the mystery interwoven through the story along with the discovery of who Sadie is and how she ended up in such a marriage. Wisdom can be gleaned here, if we but read with an open heart.

Next on my bookshelf is After All by Award-winning author and friend Deborah Raney. (The book doesn't release until May 1st, but I got an early influencer's copy.)

Here's the blurb:

Eighteen months after the tragic Grove Street Fire took the life of her husband, David, and four other heroic firefighters, Susan Marlowe thinks she’s finally beginning to heal.But then she discovers that David carried a secret to his grave.

A secret that changes everything she thought their marriage had been.

For the sake of their sons, can Susan forgive the unforgivable?

Andrea Morley lost her closest friend in the fire. But she has no right to mourn him. Instead, she must forever grieve in silence—because her dearest friend was someone else’s husband. Peter Brennan carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. As Hanover Falls’ fire chief, he was responsible for the brave firefighters who lost their lives that awful November night.

Can he ever shake the feeling that he should have somehow prevented the tragedy?

As he tries to rebuild the team at Clemens County’s Station 2, it seems he might find comfort in the arms of the woman he least expected.

The book is available for pre-order here: Amazon

 Happy reading~