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Severed Trust, 4th book in Men of the Texas Rangers

By Margaret Daley

October 2013

Abingdon Press


Blurb for Severed Trust:

The day Sadie Thompson finds her high school student, Lexie, asleep in class and

can't wake her is the day she realizes how entrenched a prescription drug ring is in

her school. As Sadie is pulled into doing something about the growing problem, she

becomes involved with Ethan Stone—a Texas Ranger who suspects the drug ring reaches far beyond the high school. Helping Lexie recover from the overdose, Sadie feels she

is making a difference—until the 16-year-old's best friend dies from the apparent

mixing of various prescription drugs. Lexie doesn't think her friend took her own

life, but her relationship with her Uncle Ethan is precarious and she doesn’t know if either he or Sadie will help her discover the truth.


RT Book Review Magazine:

“Daley addresses the growing trend and popular misconception that prescription medications are not dangerous — which couldn’t be further from the truth — and does not sugarcoat the stark reality that no one is invincible in book four of the Men of the Texas Rangers series. Chapters ending in cliffhangers leave readers thinking “just one more!” This thoroughly engaging novel is filled with fast-paced suspense and a touch of romance.” 4 ½ stars, Top Pick by Leslie McKee


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