Booksigning at Woodside

IMG_1895I'm coming down off the high and exhaustion of two days of book signings at Woodside Bible Church in Troy, Michigan. What a blessing to talk to so many people I hadn't met before! I think one of the fun parts, besides talking about the stories, is watching the children who are attracted to my candy dishes of mints and dark chocolate! No matter how big the foyer, candy must put out antennae to attract people. Since I can't write without at least some chocolate nearby, it makes sense to share it. :) IMG_1902Randy took some pictures for me, so I'll post a few here. You can see more on my Facebook page. With this book it was great fun to dress to match the cover's colors. The pastor's wife dressed in black and red on Saturday night and I thought, "What a great idea!" I had planned to wear black the next day, but needed to make a trip to IMG_1910Target to find a red scarf, which actually turned out to be the exact shade of crimson I was seeking! So I wrapped it like a cord around my neck. I wonder if anyone made the connection, but it was fun regardless.

I came home and had the privilege of Skyping with one of my kids. Tiger even joined the conversation and spent time on my lap listening to him talk. Tiger thinks his boys should visit in person more because he doesn't see into the computer screen too well. Perhaps he should learn to fly with us someday.IMG_1922

Last night as I was trying to unwind, I pulled out a packet of old photos from the 1920's-1950's, along with some news clippings of family members, some we knew, some we never met. But more on that next time.

Last minute addition on the book - I just received the news that Library Journal gave The Crimson Cord a great review! Here's what they said:

Sold into slavery and prostitution to cover her husband’s gambling debts, Rahab has nothing to lose by harboring two Israelite spies in exchange for protection when the army of Israel arrives at the gates of Jericho. Putting her trust in an unfamiliar God gives Rahab the strength to believe the spies will keep their word. VERDICT Impeccable research and vivid prose from Smith (“The Wives of the Patriarchs” series; “The Wives of King David” books) brings the ancient city of Jericho to life. The author’s reinterpretation of a classic Old Testament story rings with authenticity. CF devotees who relished ­Tosca Lee’s Legend of Sheba, Tessa Afshar’s In the Field of Grace, or Angela Hunt’s Esther: Royal Beauty will enjoy this pleasurable read.

Just WOW!

Thanks to everyone who came to my book signing. I truly hope you enjoy The Crimson Cord!