White Christmas

I'm sitting here feeling very lazy today (after an exhausting week), watching the wind and blowing snow outside. I can hear the heat running and am so very grateful for power and warmth and the ability to stay home today. It is the perfect setting for a fire and hot chocolate coffee and a purring kitty at my side. IMG_3107

I used to love a white Christmas.

I remember one year when it snowed right on the day. It felt like a little kiss from heaven. (Yet I'm not really sure why we celebrate Jesus' birth hoping for snow, when it wasn't likely snowing when he was born. There is a tradition in there to be researched, I'm sure.)

These days I could do without the white stuff and not mind one bit. Palm trees and sunshine sound so much better! But I read just this morning that even Jerusalem (my favorite city) was hit with a snow storm this past week. Our weather is so weird right now.

Before this storm hit us (and we hav The birds are playing in the snow in our neighbor's back yard, flitting from the bushes to the ground, as though their toes don't like the cold. I love watching nature. One day a week or two ago, it was warm enough to ride my bike to the park (a big contrast to today) and the birds were singing in the trees like they had planned a choir meeting. Beautiful!e dodged more storms than we've gotten hit with, thankfully), we've managed to attend a few Christmas gatherings with friends, and I even got to take my mom on our annual Christmas lunch date this week. Despite her pain and slow pace, she still amazes me how well she handles things. And even at 90, she is still learning to trust God more today than yesterday. I hope I will do the same so gracefully as I age.

And the other night Randy and I watched a Yellowstone documentary. Wolves were howling through the speakers, and Tiger's ears perked up. He walked slowly toward the TV, looking for those animals. He doesn't notice the TV often, but when he does, it's fun to see. I can't wait for the day when the wild beasts will lie down together and we can play with the lions and bears as easily as our house pets.

I realize this post is rather rambling, but perhaps it just matches my mood today. Wishing you all a white Christmas, if you long for it. And more importantly, a Christmas focused on Jesus.