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On our recent road trip to Virginia, I needed something to read, so I sorted through my choices on my Kindle. I love historicals and gravitate toward those when choosing a book and found I had Sixteen Brides by Stephanie Grace Whitson on my list. I clicked it open and started reading. I am one of those readers that can put down almost any book even in the exciting parts. The true test to me of a book that resonates is one whose characters I remember, whose stories I look forward to picking up again. Sixteen Brides was one of those stories. In fact, when I woke up this morning, I thought of the book (that I finished last night) and felt disappointment that I was done reading it! I would love to follow the characters into their futures.

Sixteen Brides is the first Whitson novel I've read, but I've had my eye on her newest Most Unsuitable Match for some time. (It's going on my Christmas wish list, for sure!) If you enjoy books by Tamera Alexander, pick up a copy of Sixteen Brides. (Available here.)

Two other books I've recently read are Dorothy Sayers Unnatural Death and Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent. Unnatural Death is a Lord Peter Wimsey mystery and the first novel I've read by Sayers. The omniscient storytelling isn't quite as engaging as strict third-person POV, but the characters are very believable and unique, and I look forward to reading more of Peter Wimsey.

Heaven is for Real felt like a comforting gift. The little boy's memorable experience with heaven rings biblically true - at the very least it does not contradict what I know to be true of God or Jesus from Scripture. And the book gave me a certain extra measure of hope, especially at this difficult time with my dad. Sometimes God gives us special blessings, sweet memories and little treasures of comfort to help in times of need. Heaven is for Real felt like one of those blessings.

Sixteen Brides and Heaven is for Real - highly recommended!

Next on my nightstand...Tamera Alexander's A Lasting Impression

Happy reading~

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