Vote for ABIGAIL! (please!)

The ACFW Book Club is currently voting on the book they will read in September 2010 and Abigail is on the voting list! The ACFW book club is voting NOW and will do so for 5 days-Poll closes on MAY 13th. Friends and family can vote on the book (Abigail) and if you all sign up to be part of the book club, you can participate in the discussion and live chat that they will be having from the 20th to the end of the month. The author Live Chat is usually the first Monday night of the next month.

Anyone can join the book club by sending a blank e-mail to Or you can go to Yahoo Groups and click join. Once there click on "poll" and scroll until you find September's mention. Click on that and a list of choices should come up. Abigail is near the bottom. You don't have to participate in the club if you don't want to. You can set the group to "special notices" and then you won't get emails often. Or you can be part of the club - whichever works for you. Membership is free.

There is a great list of books to choose from - I wouldn't want to pick! But since Abigail is in the running...please VOTE for Abigail! :)