Turning a corner...

If we knew where the path led around the next bend, we might think twice before taking that first step. But if we hesitated, if we held back in fear, we might miss a huge blessing! Life has a way of surprising us with its twists and turns, and I'll agree, not every corner leads to something good. But sometimes it does... Today was one of those days! A joyous celebration!

After a long and successful career in engineering for one of the Detroit automakers, my dear hubby, Randy, entered a new phase of his life - that time-honored place called "retirement." The end of June marked his last official work day, with July as a month-long vacation to use up what was left for this year. We used part of that time to travel to California, and the rest of the time he has spent working on his hobbies around the house and getting used to the idea of being home most of the time. It has been a time of adjustment for us both, but a good adjustment!

I've caught him reading in the backyard (and must admit that his choice of reading material suits me just fine!) And with all of the local cruises getting into high gear, he's had ample time to work on the Mustang. We went cruising last weekend - a week before the Woodward Cruise - and already the crowds were aligning the streets. This town likes its cars! As does Randy. :)

And his 42-year-long career proves that. But today marked an end to his service to that company, celebrated with a wonderful luncheon and an enjoyable time with coworkers and former coworkers commemorating his work there. Many people came to wish him well. He entertained them with a light-hearted speech, and we sat down to a great meal. All in all it was a really nice time, and I've got to say how proud I am of him. He is the most faithful man I know, and this company has lost a dedicated worker. But I think they know that. :) And in any case, it was God's timing for Randy, for us, to turn a corner to a new phase of life.

And as it turns out, I can write in most any location, so I figure travel sounds like a good plan for the future. That California dreamin' is alive and well! Ocean breezes, warm sunshine...Oh yeah! I like Michigan, but we could give up winters here without much fuss. And there is such freedom now!

There was a time when I thought retirement meant we were getting old, and that thought isn't very appealing. But somehow from around this bend, things look a bit different now. And when you stop to think about it, God called some of his greatest leaders to a whole new adventure in their 70s and 80s! (Abraham and Moses)

So why worry about what might be around that corner? The path is only given to us one step at a time anyway. And the one stretching out before us looks like it might turn out to be mighty fine!


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