This is my Shadow

Randy and I have been married for 36 years, and during that time, we have nearly always owned a cat. Or perhaps it was that a cat owned us? Sandy came into our lives that first year and lived for 22. In the end a stroke took him, and it was very hard to say goodbye. (We kept him alive on love and tuna juice as long as possible, but every life eventually comes to an end.) Shadow joined our family the day after Sandy died. He got the name because it fit him so well. As a one-year-old, he was still afraid of his own shadow, and his color gray matches the name. Doesn't he have gorgeous green eyes though?

Shadow turned 14 this July, and we could tell earlier this week that he wasn't feeling so good. (We discovered this in the middle of our power failure.) So I took him to the vet for analysis. Turns out Shadow is hyperthyroid. I guess this is common in cats, particularly older ones. (Since Sandy lived to be 22, I don't think of Shadow as "senior" but I guess he is.)

The doc gave us four options of treatment, two of which would put Shadow through a lot of trauma and cost a lot as well. I'm told the radioactive iodine could cure him, but it would mean isolating him from Tiger for a week, and locking him in a room by himself would not make him happy.

So we opted to try the pills. This should be interesting as Shadow has never been good at taking meds. Why can't they just give him a shot and fix him? Sigh. But we are committed to giving him pills twice a day and hope he cooperates. (Prayers for his cooperation would be most appreciated!)

Since I had asked earlier for prayer on Facebook, I figured an explanation was in order. And I wanted to introduce you to my Shadow. I know I've posted pics of him before, but Tiger gets more of the limelight because he's the one always hopping on my lap for affection. (And chewing my fingers so I can't write.) But even Tiger would agree that Shadow deserves his place in the spotlight for all he's lived through.

The vet says he won't live as long as Sandy did, but I'm hoping for at least a few more years. These kitties are such a joy and great comic relief in tough situations. I am so grateful that God has brought them both into our lives. And Lord willing, I pray we will get to keep them both for many years to come.