This crazy life

IMG_4635If you had told me last Christmas that I would be crazy busy in April, I would not have believed it. But God has a way of changing our direction and life has a way of filling up with more things than we expected. Of course, sometimes we create more work for ourselves by our own choices--like remodeling a bathroom, top to bottom, and fostering a cat that didn't work out. The bathroom, like most home projects, has had its moments. Just leveling the bathtub has been a fun challenge. Then we discovered that the people who owned the house before us had damaged the wall in the adjacent bedroom, so Randy had to cut out some drywall and replace it. I see a bedroom painting project in our future.

I got the bright idea at the same time that Randy was working on the tub, to clean closets in one of our son's old bedrooms. So now, a bedroom that we need to use in a couple of months is piled with donations for the Salvation Army. I just need to load up the van and take them there--when I can get to the bedroom without tripping over the obstacle course in the hallway.IMG_4651

In the meantime, I've gotten edits on The Prophetess, Deborah's Story and The Egyptian Princess (working title) ebook novella. Both stories, I'm relieved to say, were accepted by my editor, so I can get back to working on Ruth's story (working title).

But instead of writing, I have spent the last few days shopping online for bathroom replacement parts. It took me hours to maneuver through Home Depot's website and Lowe's website, both of which could use some better coding because their search engines are not as user friendly as they could be. I finally found a tub handle replacement that I liked, but then ended up finding out (after I ordered it) that it's no longer available. Hours of shopping and comparing and matching it to the sink faucet wasted. So I went to the local store. Nothing. I came home and in desperation googled what I wanted. Amazon came to my rescue with exactly the right style part. At least I hope so. Time will tell when it gets here.

In the midst of all of this we have a son getting married with several celebrations in the works. Lots of fun and a little bit of stress! But I wouldn't change a thing. In spite of running around to meet with friends, run errands, keep appointments, and write as much as I can each day, I would rather be busy than bored. Then again, sometimes it's wonderful to just sit down and read a good book, which is exactly what I'm going to do right now.

Until next time~