This and that...

There is nothing like the end of the holidays to force one back to work, and yet I know I still have a lot more catching up to do. I realized today that I had totally overlooked my Spotlight interview for January. Blame it on December stress. Blame it on remodeling. Blame it on...whatever the case, I managed to forget. I'm still hoping to post an interview this month, but it may end up waiting until February. I finished a titling questionnaire this week for book one in the next series - The Wives of the Patriarchs. I had fun pulling pictures from my files and creating a cover art suggestions document - to show my marketing and design teams who I see as Sarai and Abram, what ancient dress and ancient places might have looked like, along with a few minor characters in the story - to help them decide how best to design the cover. The book won't come out until 2012, but publishing houses start early choosing titles and working on cover designs.

When it comes time to fill out one of these questionnaires, it is helpful to me that I have already "cast" my characters during my Idea Board stage. That's where I am right now for book two in that series. I have found my Isaac and Rebekah, but still need several other side characters. Then I will print them out and glue them to poster board to hang in my office. This year, I'm going to make a digital poster as well, so I can look at it while I'm writing in other places. I rarely sit at my desk anymore since I write from my laptop.

It's been a snowy day today, and I spent the morning Skyping with a girlfriend. I'm also trying to read two novels at once - one I started during the Christmas holidays, and one I'm reading for possible endorsement. I have another that arrived in the mail waiting to be read for possible endorsement as well. I really need to take a course in speed reading!

I've been without a car this week while mine sits in the shop after it skidded on ice into a cement barrier in December. The damage was minimal (thankfully) but they still seem to take forever to fix it. So my mom drove to my house yesterday and we went shopping. She graciously let me run some extra errands that had been in need of fulfilling.

I learned today that Bathsheba might make it into stores a little earlier than its March 1 release date! And yesterday, during our errand running, I talked to the manager at a local Family Christian bookstore. She invited me to do a booksigning there on March 5. So it looks like I'll be doing two booksignings for Bathsheba - one at Woodside Bible Church in February and the other at Family Christian in March. I'll post specific details in a few weeks.

I baked cookies today and ate too many of them. I think I've got sugar overload...

A blessed weekend to all~

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