This and that...

It's taken a week, but I'm finally catching up after the ACFW Conference. I still have cleaning to do, but little by little, I'm getting it done. There are lots of house projects on my to-do list - painting among them, but that's an ongoing task. I finished my second go 'round of edits on Bathsheba last night and happily sent them off to my editor. Next week I plan to finish rereading Sarai so I can send it off to my critique partners. windowsillIn the meantime, I'm doing a lot of reading besides my own work. I finished Tamera Alexander's latest novel Within My Heart. I always enjoy Tammy's books and this one was no exception. Most stories don't make me cry, but this one did - in a good way!

This afternoon, Ryan, Carissa, her family, and I went to the cider mill. The day was cool and overcast - a perfect fall day for cider and donuts and a walk along a trail. On the first day of fall I took a picture of the roses on our windowsill. I wish the roses could stay in bloom and beautiful forever. But alas, I enjoy them while I can.

two kittiesShadow and Tiger are very happy we are home and have been jumping on my lap to snuggle constantly. Tiger doesn't ask permission, he just hops up, lays across my arms and hunkers down on my lap. I can just manage to type around his not-so-small body. Shadow is much more affectionate than he used to be and I've caught the two of them lying near each other more than once. Here's the proof picture.

We're enjoying the movie Ghost right now, one of our favorites. Wonderful storytelling.


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