This and that...

I'm always amazed at how fast time flies. Like the quote from a movie Julie & Julia about deadlines, "I like to wave at them as they whiz past." (Not quoting that exactly.) Except I don't like to wave at time passing me by - I like to enjoy each moment and don't know how so many moments disappear while I'm not looking. Oh well...

In other thoughts - I have a cat shoving his face into my shoulder and generally telling me to get out of the chair and do something or hug him or feed him or something right now! I still have not mastered cat-speak, but I can tell you he is being pushy. Probably wants me to put on music. They don't seem to like a quiet house.

I've spent most of the week at home, but today I tackled the mall to return a scarf I ordered online (wrong color.) I also had two rewards cards ($10 each) from Godiva that were going to expire February 5, 2010, so of course, I had to use them! I got a dark chocolate raspberry frozen drink - sweet decadence in a cup - yum! Then I picked up a dark chocolate coconut macaroon for Randy and picked out a box full of dark chocolate truffles. I did try a free sample of white chocolate strawberry and actually liked it. But dark chocolate is better.

Then I went to the grocery/department store (out of salted butter - and unsalted on toast does not taste good) and also looked at new cushions for our kitchen chairs, but decided to wait and check other stores. I want something cushy and comfortable that won't stain the first time someone spills food on it. I could be looking a while. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

The next trip to the post office found me having to renew my P.O. Box and also found out that due to new security guidelines pre-stamped packages weighing over 13 ounces have to be taken to the window - can't just be dropped in the box. If you buy the postage online, no problem, but if you buy stamps and put them on a box weighing more than 13 ounces, you get to stand in line to drop it off. I mail a lot of books and I buy stamps ahead so I could just drop them in the drop box. This guideline has been there before, I guess, but I didn't recall seeing it. Fortunately, both Michal and Abigail weigh less than 13 ounces, so I'm safe! USPS won't allow you to buy postage online for Media Mail, but supposedly will. I'm going to check it out for future use.

Our son has gotten us hooked on a TV show that is free for Netflix viewers. Best characterization I've seen in ages for a TV show. The writers know what they're doing - at least so far for Season 1. The show is Friday Night Lights, and while it doesn't portray everything perfectly - as in it assume kids in high school will sleep with their boyfriends/girlfriends - there is a lot of good in it. It seems very true to small town life, especially a town too wrapped up in football. Check it out!

I was kind of hoping we would go to the Auto Show this coming week, but am not sure that will happen. I haven't been in years and have been thinking it's time to do some things like this again - maybe visit the Detroit art and sciences museums and Greenfield Village is always fun. Maybe I'm just tired of winter and cold and need to get out of the house.

Discovered a free phone application that allows me to download like over 24,000 free books (hopefully all in the public domain!) I'm reading Alice in Wonderland on the phone, which is kind of fun. It does allow for much faster reading, which I suppose a Kindle would do as well. I would like to get an e-reader someday, especially for travel, but was waiting to see if they become a bit more standardized. A Kindle wouldn't fit in my pocket though to take anywhere, which is the nice thing about the phone.

I better go see what we're doing for dinner. Gotta check with my guys to see what they want. Get to see my sis and her family with my folks tomorrow. Looking forward to it.


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