This and that...

Smith_Shepherdess_EB CoverLife has been very busy around here these past few weeks! I'll share some of that in a bit, but first some of the book news that I'm not sure I've shared here yet. Most of you probably know that The Shepherdess released August 4, 2015. I hope those who are interested will get a chance to purchase this short story. I don't know if it will be available in libraries as it is e-book only, but the price is hopefully not over the top for those interested. See the link to that book page for links to the places where you can find it.

SampleLast month I learned that Rachel took 3rd place in the 2015 Inspirational Readers Choice Award. I loved writing that story, though at times it was a challenge NOT to write twelve birth scenes! Jacob sure had the kids! Still, it was fascinating to explore the points of view of Rachel and Leah. Can you even imagine sharing a husband with your blood sister? Not me! And I know my sister would agree! :)

Rahab CoverLast week I received the news that The Crimson Cord and The Prophetess, Deborah's Story (February 2016 release) have both been picked for audio editions - contracts are signed for them to be recorded for audible listening. I have no idea how soon The Crimson Cord will be available in this edition, but I do know The Prophetess won't be available until after the book is released.

BPG_The ProphetessI finished reading through my first draft of Ruth's story and it is in the hands of my critique partner. And in the midst of lots of company this month, I'm beginning to study the life of the Queen of Sheba for my last novella in the Loves of King Solomon series. So the two books a year routine is winding down, which will free me to pursue the last two books in these two series and consider what God has for me next. Not really sure where that stands yet.

IMG_6170As for that busyness I spoke about--It's been a full summer. Randy has been finishing little house projects around here, some moldings and such and working on his car, taking it to car shows. We had my cousin from Minnesota come for a visit last week with her two granddaughters and had a wonderful time! We ate ice cream at a place called Screamers (cool name), toured Meadowbrook Hall, which I did not know is a lot bigger than the White House, and had time just chatting and visiting with other family and watching movies with the girls.

This week we met up with friends from Florida. (One of my Kathy friends -- a girlfriend since high school days.) We stood up in each others' weddings and though they've lived in four different states and we've stayed in Michigan, we've remained friends - even before the Internet! (Back in the days when we had to write letters by hand because phone calls cost too much.) Yes, I'm old enough to remember that. :)

IMG_6177Tiger has had two vet visits, which didn't make him entirely happy, and right now he is on my lap purring. He is very clingy these days, but that's one thing I love about him. He lets me snuggle and hug him, though he usually picks Randy's lap when he's home! Oh well...maybe we need another cat so we can share, but then they'd probably both pick Randy! Tiger knows he can coax tuna fish, ice cream and even popcorn out of Randy. Silly kitty!

That's about it for now. In September I'm popping in to chat with a local book club, which should be fun and later in the month a wedding! In the meantime, I need to get back to studying Sheba's life before page proofs for The Prophetess land at my front door.

Oh, and one last thing - speaking of The Prophetess. I received this endorsement from New York Times bestselling author Tosca Lee:

“At last, the mystical figure of Deborah comes to life! With obvious research and attention to detail, Jill Eileen Smith gives vivid voice to the women at the center of Israel’s victory over Canaan. A tale of strength and faith that bears relevance even today. Not to be missed!”

Tosca Lee, author of The Legend of Sheba and multiple New York Times bestsellers

A blessed weekend to all~