This and that

Rahab CoverJanuary 3, 2015. How strange it seems to have the holidays behind us again, the house bare of Christmas decorations. I enjoyed Christmas this year, despite our distance from some of the kids. But after Christmas night, the days have been kind of a blur. I came down with some kind of illness. It didn't act like the flu - more like a typical cold that turned bacterial. I will admit, after ten days of this and still coughing, I'm growing rather tired of it all. I have a full week ahead of me, if I can keep it. All bets are off until I feel normal again. In the meantime, I managed to finish Deborah's story and turned it in to my acquisitions editor today. I rewrote the timeline to match the changes I'd made, and finished what I could of character sketches for my line editor - something she uses in her editing process to make sure I keep things consistent throughout the story. What a relief it is to finally close out those files on my computer! So now it's back to the Egyptian Princess's novella. Then I can start work on the research for Ruth!

91KOVyM7yKLJanuary is such a busy time. It occurred to me today that I should be receiving my first copy of The Crimson Cord in the next few weeks! I happened to notice the back cover on Amazon tonight - my first glimpse of the artwork!'s perfect! I cannot say enough good things about the art department at Revell. Thank you, Cheryl!

There is such anticipation to see the idea of one person come together (with the help of many) to become a thing we can hold in our hands. And I can't wait to share Rahab's story with all of you! I hope you enjoy this one. I enjoyed writing it, and Tiger had a little paw/hand in some parts near the end. (He wants that made publicly known.) When you read the story, you'll understand what he means.

I am scheduled to do two book signings at Woodside Bible Church in Troy, Michigan, the weekend of January 24/25, 2015. I will be at the Saturday service from 6:00-6:30 p.m. and at the Sunday services between 9:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to sign books between services. The book does not officially release until February 16, 2015, so if you come to one of the services and stop by the bookstore or the signing, you can purchase an early copy. I'm so looking forward to meeting those who come!

That's about it for now. I have done very little this past week, but maybe that's a good thing. Sometimes when we are sick, rest and sleep are the best medicine.

Happy New Year to all~