This and that...

I will admit it - I have spring fever. But with temperatures in the 60s and the promise of the 70s this next week, it's going to feel more like summer than spring. We will have no trouble kissing winter goodbye. I do hope we don't pass spring altogether though. I like the four seasons, and spring is one of my favorites. Some girlfriends were discussing skin products the other day, and sensitive-skinned person that I am, I was intrigued. Many were promoting the benefits of coconut oil as a moisturizer. So since I had some in my cupboard (for cooking) I thought, why not? Can you fall in love with a skin product? (Oh, and it tastes yummy to eat too!) Then someone else said they used coconut oil as a face wash. Did you know that coconut oil makes a great eye makeup remover? Seriously. I've used Neutrogena face wash for years, but it burns my eyes when I try to remove mascara. I know. I'm probably not supposed to use it that way. For waterproof mascara I use Vasoline (because the remover the store recommended burned worse than the face wash!) Coconut oil does not burn! And it smells SO good!

I get excited about the silliest things, yes? But in truth, this stuff makes me smile. And my skin is softer than its ever been. Okay, end of commercial.

I love that I can get my bike out again and visit the park. I do wish they would repave the walkway, and some of our sidewalks could be smoother too, but I suppose that's the hazard of living in a state with seasons. Freezing weather causes cracks in the pavement. Still, it's better than being indoors.

Writing is coming along quite well with my current work-in-progress. I am finding these characters to be most interesting. It is always an adventure to discover who they were as I go.

I've been reading some of the reviews of Sarai as Revell's blog tour progressed this past week. I had made it a policy not to read reviews any more because it was not good for me either way. If reviewers say wonderful things (many did - thank you!), I might think too highly of my own ability. If the reviewers don't like the book (some didn't), I might think too poorly of the gifts God has given me. It is best to ignore myself and appreciate that people are willing to take time to read and review. And I am truly grateful that so many agreed to be part of the tour. For those who didn't like the story, I hope the next book you read is more to your liking. For those who did, thank you for your support!