This and that...

I had a delightful surprise today when fellow author friend Michelle Sutton announced she was in Michigan, not too many miles from where I live. We chatted back and forth over Facebook and decided to meet for coffee at a local Caribou. What fun to chat about writing in person! I love it when that happens. Normally, the only chance to talk to my author friends is at a writer's conference. But neither of us knows whether we will make it this year, so this was really nice. I'm looking forward to watching the royal wedding this Friday, though I have no plans to be up at 4 a.m.! Very thankful for TIVO and hope that the service doesn't mess things up. I remember getting up very early for Charles' and Diana's wedding 30 years ago (does that date me?). But who doesn't love a fairy tale? The romantic in me enjoys watching the prince and princess-to-be. I think Katherine Middleton is a likable person (William seems so too), so it should be a fun procession. Can you imagine being invited to such a thing? I'm not a fan of crowds, but it would be fun see Buckingham Palace so up close and personal.

But on a smaller scale, we have our own celebration as our youngest son graduates from college this week with his Bachelors of English degree. We are a family of writers (except for hubby) and I look forward to seeing where his stories will take him. He is a good writer!

I learned this week that Bathsheba will be coming out in a large print edition with Thorndike Press, and a friend sent me a copy of Thorndike's back catalog page, which advertised all three books in the series! So if you know someone who has trouble reading normal print, please let them know that these are available.

I've been reading a few different books lately - one is a New York Times bestseller, and the others are books on praise and worship, which came today. I have a lot to learn when it comes to praise, thanksgiving, and worship. I'm looking forward to reading these too.