The Wives of King David...

I have all three of my first copies of The Wives of King David series sitting on my shelf now - my first copy of Bathsheba came yesterday! Before I set them all on the bookshelf, I lined them up for a photo shoot. Pretty gorgeous women, wouldn't you say? Many thanks to Revell for doing such a great job on the cover art! I posted this photo on Facebook and have received some wonderful comments in return. One came from my dear friend and critique partner, Jill Stengl. She and my hubby Randy were thinking along the same lines as both of them said that just five years ago we couldn't have imagined this happening. Of course, this has been my dream for years, but to actually see it come true...I am in awe of what God chooses to do. And I hope these stories carry readers to a better understanding of the people in the Bible and how things might have been.

I told myself that when the last book came out I would start at the beginning and read the whole series in paperback form. These are the stories I always wanted to read, so to do so made sense. But now that I am looking at them, I wonder if I will actually pick them up and read them again. I have, of course, read each one many, many times over already. Some of the dialogue is imprinted in my brain! Maybe I'll wait a few years to read them again.

Some of the influencer copies are trickling in to various homes now, and in another week or so the books should be on store shelves. I hope online stores don't wait until March 1 to release their copies. But there is nothing I can do to hurry it along.

In any case, I hope if you are planning to read Bathsheba, that you truly enjoy my take on her story. She is a fascinating woman and one I look forward to meeting someday in heaven. I have many questions I could still ask each of the wives of King David, and I think a full century could be spent with King David himself! I've already spent many years trying to figure all of them out!

Happy reading~