The God Who Cannot Lie

Hebrew 6 verse & pic
Hebrew 6 verse & pic

You know, I can feel pretty betrayed and frustrated when I'm lied to. Do you know the feeling? Maybe it's just that I'm a trusting person. I do my best to be honest with others and expect the same in return. But our world doesn't work that way anymore, does it? The worst part is that I don't always catch the lie until I'm already cheated or wounded. Then I want to smack myself and wonder, why wasn't I more discerning? Why didn't I ask that question? So I end up paying for it in some kind of loss - either money or friendship or time or emotion.

Society has slowly taught us - because it wasn't always this way - that lying is okay. It didn't used to be. There was a day when a man's or woman's word meant something. It was their "bond." As good as money in the bank.

Now people tend to tell us what we want to hear, and those of us who are trusting, want to believe them. Because really, who wants to be told something and have it fall through? Who wants to find out we've been scammed? We end up feeling stupid or maybe we pull in and stop trusting because it hurts too much to let people in.

I think Eve was one of those trusting people. Why on earth would one of God's creatures NOT tell her the truth? Even though that very creature was questioning what God had told her, she probably still didn't realize that she was about to be scammed in the worst way ever.

What she didn't realize, what we don't often see ourselves is that people WILL lie to us. (Snakes will lie too.)

But God CANNOT lie.

In a word - it is impossible for Him to do so.

I can't really fathom that. I think of the movie LIAR, LIAR where the kid wishes that his dad wouldn't be able to lie for an entire day (or week - can't remember). It made for a funny movie, but from a purely human perspective it kind of gives us a glimpse of what impossible to lie looks like.

If we are truly honest people who want to follow God's ways, we need to begin by being honest with ourselves and honest with the God who made us.

God, who cannot lie, promised to listen if we called on Him. He's promised to save those who seek Him, who ask Him to do so.

Count on this, in a world where not much else can be trusted - if God promised it, He will keep His Word. It's as good as bond - better than any gold in any bank anywhere.

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