Thanksgiving Day mishaps?

IMG_3040It started with cumin. But in my defense, cumin and cinnamon do look a lot alike in the jar. Fortunately, my sense of smell is strong, and I caught the error before the French toast tasted would have been a unique taste I've yet to experience. Probably could have tried it, but I didn't think cumin and maple syrup would go together. I am thankful we had extra eggs in the house.

IMG_3045We managed our way through vacuuming two rooms and baking two pies. Then it was on to making the cranberry salsa.

I have never coughed at the scent of jalapeño pepper. That should have been my first clue. But I scooped out the insides and chopped it up for the salsa just the same, whirred it all in the blender and washed my hands again and again. But there is something menacing about jalapeño that causes it to cling to the underside of fingernails. And without thinking I touched the corner of my eye with said finger.

IMG_3046I am thankful for water that washes burning eyes clean.

If I were a Packers fan, (apologies to my Wisconsin critique partner), I would consider the football game a mishap too, but we live closer to Detroit, so hubby is very happy that the Lions clinched this one.

I am thankful for the hope such a win gives our bankrupt neighboring city.

And though all of this baking and cleaning is for our Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow with our family, (when everyone else is out scrambling for Black Friday sales) I am grateful we have a family to celebrate with, however spread apart we may be at times.

Sometimes you just have to be grateful for the little things.