Searching the unsearchable

IMG_0982Have you ever over analyzed something? Tried to figure something out that which was simply beyond your ability to comprehend? I have. I remember as a kid trying to figure out how God could have always existed. My finite mind thought as far back as it possibly could until my brain hurt! But try as I might, I could not understand how God could have had no beginning and no end.

Psalm 145 verse 3 states: “Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; And His greatness is unsearchable (beyond our ability to understand).”

There are a lot of things that I personally don’t get. Take a car’s engine, for instance. My husband can tell you all about pistons and rotors and intake valves and spark plugs, whereas I’m just happy if I can get behind the wheel and the thing runs. He understands about changing the oil every 3000 miles. If he hadn’t told me that, I would run the car until the engine died, never knowing the difference.

My inability to understand the inner workings of a car’s engine does not mean that engine does not exist or that someone else doesn’t understand it better than I do. It simply means that I don’t know everything, and there are things out there that are bigger than I am.

Proverbs 8 talks about wisdom and how wisdom was with God when He created the earth and "When he established the heavens, I was there; when he drew a circle on the face of the deep..." (another version calls the circle the horizon). What kind of God commands the seas, builds the mountains and fields, establishes the skies and all that fill them, and breathes life into men? A God whose greatness is unsearchable.

And yet just because something is beyond our understanding or ability to search out does not mean we should toss it out as either nonexistent or unworthy of our attention.

It just means that human beings don’t know as much as we think we do.