SARAI - 4 Stars from RT Book Reviews!

A few days ago my marketing manager at Revell emailed me to say that RT Book Reviews had given Sarai 4 stars! (The book should be in stores about mid February or so. Soon!) Here are the reviewers comments: "Smith is passionate about bringing to life the women of the Old Testament. Her new series starts with the wife of Abram and authentically renders their marriage struggles and their way of life into a saga that readers will embrace."

Thank you to the reviewer! Four stars means "Compelling. A page turner." I'm so glad she thought so! I hope all of my readers are blessed by this new series.

For those of you who live in Michigan, I'll be doing a book signing at Woodside Bible Church's Troy Campus on February 26, 2012 between services (9:30-1:00) If you get a chance to stop by, I would love to meet you! They will have books available for purchase.

In the meantime, I spent much of this week reading and researching Jacob, Rachel, and Leah's stories. Learned some things I didn't know about bride prices and inheritance rights of women back then. When you read the Bible account, you might see a phrase that is easily passed over, perhaps given in conversation - like when Rachel and Leah complained that their father had spent their inheritance. What inheritance? that gives me pause. And research helps answer that "what" question.

Answering such questions can also help define a person's character. What kind of man would spend the inheritance of his daughters, something he was to keep for them in case they were widowed? Then I ask myself, have I ever seen this played out in my lifetime, in society or to pull it in a little closer - do I know anyone who would do or has done such a thing?

Then there is the whole love triangle of Jacob, Rachel, and Leah. Nasty mess, that. And never having lived in a polygamous household or even been in a situation where I vied with another for the affection of the same man, where do I turn for understanding? Books and movies, even TV shows can help. And in truth, jealousy is not that hard an emotion to comprehend or feel. What sibling hasn't at some point been jealous of a brother or sister? What parent hasn't wanted their child's attention only to be pushed away, especially during those teen years? And who among us hasn't vied for the undivided love of another? Even the best among us fails sometimes.

So, I read and observe and ponder and pray, and eventually these characters begin to take shape in my mind. The characters are cast, now the roles need defining. The script is outlined. Soon the writing will begin.

Happy Friday!