Revisiting Bathsheba - One Spring part nine

Though Nathan assured David of God’s forgiveness, the prophet had more news for the king. “The LORD also has put away your sin; you shall not die. However, because by this deed you have given great occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also who is born to you shall surely die.” This was Nathan’s final word on the subject to David, but before David’s confession of sin, Nathan had also told him this: “‘Now therefore, the sword shall never depart from your house, because you have despised Me, and have taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be your wife.’ Thus says the LORD: “Behold, I will raise up adversity against you from your own house; and I will take your wives before your eyes and give them to your neighbor, and he shall lie with your wives in the sight of this sun. For you did it secretly, but I will do this thing before all Israel, before the sun.”

Adultery is not a private sin.

What happened one spring night as a secret affair between a man and a woman, ended in untold tragedy. Not only did David’s baby son die, but three other sons ended up eventually dying by the sword – all as a direct result of the wheels put in motion by David’s adultery and murder.

David could choose his sin, but he had no choice when it came to the consequences.

But there was also an immeditate good result of Nathan’s visit. Conviction brought David to his knees before the Lord once again. Fellowship, long broken, was restored as David poured out his honest heart to the God who sees and knows all things. Psalm 51 was written during this time.

David was a man after God’s own heart because he allowed his heart to be broken and honest and contrite over his own failings. Every one of us falls short of God’s standards, and David knew that better than anyone. The guilt was killing him until he finally laid it all at his Maker’s feet.

It was then that God created a clean heart in the king. An act that only God can do. And though every promised consequence came to pass, David's heart had been made new.

A year or so later, perhaps on another spring day, Nathan paid another visit to David and Bathsheba.

But this time he brought good news.

(Final thoughts to come…)