Revisiting Bathsheba - Conclusion

I could talk about King David for years simply because I spent so much time studying his life. I admit I found a profound sense of satisfaction in getting to tell his stories in the Wives of King David series. I thank God for that privilege. For the purposes of this mini devotional series, I leave you with these thoughts.

When Nathan returned to the palace a year or so later, Bathsheba had given David another son. The happy parents named this child Solomon.

I imagine that a certain sense of fear could have accompanied Solomon’s birth. Had God’s judgment passed with the death of their firstborn or would the promise of the sword never departing from David’s house affect this child as well? Would Solomon live to adulthood? These were legitimate questions, and they likely caused a bit of turmoil in David’s and Bathsheba’s hearts.

So when Nathan requested an audience with the king, I would guess that David welcomed him with a sense of hesitation, even trepidation. Of course, God, who sent Nathan, knew David’s heart. I believe this is why He chose to send him – to comfort David and Bathsheba with His word.

For while David and Bathsheba were naming this new son Solomon, God was giving him another name, one that set him apart from all of David’s other sons. He called him Jedidiah, because the Lord loved him.

What relief washed over the anxious parents at such a proclamation! This child was beloved of the Lord! He would not die for their sin as their firstborn had done.

And that child went on to become the wealthiest, wisest king in all the land.

Many generations later, another king was born, beloved of the Lord. He could trace his ancestry through Solomon, to David and Bathsheba, a couple whose sin the Lord had covered.

A couple for whom this child came to die, so that their sin, and mine, could be removed for all eternity.

His name is Yeshua - Jesus. He died, was buried, and rose again to pay the eternal penalty for our sin.

And it all happened one spring.