Research and kitties and what were we thinking?

IMG_3899Let me just say - I am SO ready for spring. BUT, I am also extremely grateful the furnace is working, we don't have foot-high mounds of snow, and we can get out of the house now and then. I really feel for those who are suffering so much more than we are witIMG_3866h the cold temps and snow this winter. After last year's misery of the endless winter and highest snowfall in Detroit's history, we thought we would make out easy this year. No snow had really fallen until February. But the cold is making up for lost time. So what better thing to do in winter than destroy a bathroom and redo it, while making a few trips to our local veterinarian's office to consider adopting another kitty, and stare at the mound of research books for my next project wondering if I will ever get through them all? (This picture includes only part of the books alluded to.)

Apparently, this is what we do when we're cooped up inside for too long. But seriously, what were we thinking? Breaking up the old one-inch tiles in the bathroom did give Randy a change in his routine exercise, one he had perfected on the other bath last year, but when the tub sprang a leak and started pouring water onto the floor and into the light fixture of the kitchen below...let's just say, that wasn't part of the plan...And now we have two projects to finish!

IMG_4284And then there is Tiger. Sweet boy that he is, seems to have spring fever of his own. Not even the birds and squirrels come out much in this weather and no cats have pranced through our yard to give him someone to "talk" to.

Our niece and great niece paid us a visit this past week (the baby is 8 months) and poor Tiger didn't know what to do with such a small human. (He thought we all came in adult sizes.) And I realized he had never seen a baby in his nine years on earth. (All the baby relatives live out of state.)IMG_2042

To combat his loneliness (not ours), we have had the crazy notion of adopting another cat, which warranted a trip to the vet's adoption center, and we spent time meeting their kitties. We narrowed the choices to two females (one is two - seen in the above picture, the other seven, whose pic I forgot to take but she's beautiful), and though they are cute and affectionate and sweet, Tiger gets to have the last say. (He is king here, after all.) So in this frigid weather, we made an appointment to take him to "meet" these young ladies.

I seriously question my sanity sometimes!

Because in the midst of this we have a son getting married and there is that stack of books still waiting...they don't seem to move on their own...and the pile keeps growing when I order another commentary.Don't touch my bag

Ah well...I take hope in knowing I will eventually get the work done, comfort in the sun that is peeking out of our gray skies, and though the windchill is determined to stay below zero, I believe spring will come. As it always has. As God planned for it to do. A little bit of hope on this blustery day. Perhaps for Tiger too.