Remembering my dad

CCF01092011_00004_2Two years ago this past week, we lost my dad. Actually, a better way to say that would be to say, two years ago this week my dad met Jesus face to face. Wow. I wonder what amazing things his eyes have seen since then. In heaven, Daddy has been reunited with his birth family - those that loved Jesus too. His little brother came last, and I can bet my dad was really glad to see him! Daddy is still waiting for the rest of us, and I know if he could miss anyone at all in the presence of the Lord, it would be my mom. (But I'm glad God hasn't called her to Himself just yet!) I will admit. I still miss him. I think back on the last days of his life, but I also think about the times we had with him over the years. I think I got my love of California from him, even though we never lived there. Daddy's whole family moved there and now some of his grandchildren live there. When his parents were still alive, we would take the occasional trip to visit. Back then it meant driving or taking a train across the country. But Dad would get that gleam in his eye, look and me, and say, "let's go to California!"

I keep asking Tiger if he'd like to go there with us, but he seems rather non-committal. But I digress.

I was thinking about some of the struggles I've faced of late, some of the fears I allow to enter my mind. This usually happens when I neglect serious time with the Lord, relying on a devotional instead of picking up the real thing and reading whole passages in context.

So this week as I read Proverbs, I remembered how my dad used to read the Bible every single day, year after year, all the way through. What a legacy of inspiration he gave me! I may not read the Bible through each year as he did, but I am grateful for the reminder that Daddy valued God's Word. I dare not think I can run on the fumes of memory when I need its daily food.

So at this two-year anniversary of Daddy's entrance to heaven, I thought it appropriate to thank him yet again for all he taught me, and the example he gave me. If God lets him read blogs from heaven, or relays the prayers of my heart, I hope He tells my dad just how much I love and miss him.