Rebekah’s Brother Was A Liar

Ultimate Bible Picture Collection In the Genesis 27 account where Jacob steals his brother Esau’s blessing, Rebekah’s helping hand is all over that act. Jacob is thereafter known as the deceiver, but he learned deceit from his mother, who learned it from her brother Laban. (Further study into Jacob’s story shows us just how much Laban knew how to deceive.)

For instance:

1. Laban switched daughters in the marriage tent so that Jacob ended up married to the wrong woman.

2. Laban changed Jacob's wages ten times throughout the seven years he worked to build his flock.

And a less obvious incident:

When Eliezer wanted to take Rebekah and go back to his master Abraham right away, Laban (and his mother) tried to stall him. Some suggest this would have been in keeping with the custom of the day, to give time between the betrothal and the wedding. But I wouldn't be the least surprised to see some greed on Laban's part tucked into that request. Perhaps he hoped for more payment for the bride in some fashion by waiting. Only God knows Laban's true heart.

But one lesson that stands pretty clear here is that though Jacob was called the deceiver (heel grabber), his mother and his uncle were all trained in the art of lying. And I suspect once you start to lie, it is easy to keep going, like an addict who starts to believe they are fine - nothing is wrong - liars begin to believe their own lies.

Laban proves this when Jacob finally escapes his household. Laban catches up with Jacob and proclaims that Jacob's wives and children belong to Laban. What? What happened to Jacob's 20 years of service to rightfully win/earn them? The man's comments bordered on delusional!

But that can be a consequence of lying, yes? Speak lies long enough and the people start to believe them. Lie to ourselves long enough and we are likely to believe them too.