Politics or Prayer?


I would like to say a few encouraging words to each of you before I go off and start my day. I watch the news. I read the articles. I know our nation is in multiple crises that human beings can help but can't fix. If we're honest, we have trouble even fixing ourselves! Tonight we are going to be hearing from our two political candidates in a debate, and a lot of people are discouraged, because, if the polls are any indication, neither candidate is very popular with the people at large. Personally, I would have liked different choices.

But may I say this?

Remember the Lord. Remember His compassion and unfailing love and His kindness to all of us.

If you are a Christian - and I know many of my readers are - or even of the Jewish faith - we share the same Scriptures and the same God and we know that one truth rings out in both Old and New Testaments.

God reigns. He is not blind. He exists, despite what some may think. We can't stop His existence just by saying He isn't there.

And He is in control of this universe. I could go into a long-winded reasoning on that, but I won't. I just have to look at the heavens to see the way He keeps things in place. The constellations, the North star, the sun and moon and our earth have continued to spin and rotate and move for as long as men and women have observed them. God has made it possible for us to live and breathe - He is far more involved in this world, in our lives, even in our daily bread concerns than we can begin to imagine.

So please realize that He knows what is happening. He isn't sitting back waiting to watch us destroy ourselves. He puts kings on thrones and takes them down. And for His purposes, He has allowed us to come to this place.

Perhaps our greater need right now isn't to worry about who will have the power of the White House. Perhaps our greatest need is to realize that we need God, we need Jesus, the only Savior who can actually do something with our messes because He doesn't work like we do. He works with each one of us to change our hearts.

And He wants to start with those who already know Him because even we need to be more like Him.

So please pray. Pray for change of hearts. Pray for mercy and acknowledge that He is God and has the right to do what He does because He is the one who made us.

Pray for these candidates - that whoever ends up with the power to make decisions good or bad - will truly SEE the Lord, high and lifted up. And will acknowledge that they need Him too.

I will not tell anyone how to vote. I would only appeal to fellow believers to pray. And not to fear the future because even in this messy world - God sees. God hears. God knows. And it may be that He will use us to love Him and our neighbor enough to slowly change the world, not through political means, but through loving one soul at a time.

God's grace and mercy be upon us all.

~Selah #liveloveprayhopetrust #prayfortheelection #prayforourleaders