Playing catch-up...

This month promises to keep me busy, and this week is no exception. Easter Sunday we took my mom to church with us and then went out to Red Lobster for dinner. She had never been there, and we coaxed her into trying coconut shrimp. She loved them and is already planning to order them next time. :) Easter didn't feel the same to me, not in the traditional celebration sense with the boys so far away. I've cooked most holidays for years, so the break felt good. I bought some of Red Lobster's maple sauce and cooked my own salmon a few days later. I can't think of a better way to fix this meal. Yum! Monday went by in a blur of little deadlines. I'm judging entries for the Genesis Contest again this year, and got one of them done that evening. Six more to go before the end of April.

Later that evening, a delivery came for me - a new wool mattress cover I had ordered online. I'd read that wool was good for pain issues, so decided it was worth a try. The first night was okay, but the next two have been better still. I'm sleeping better so far, so we'll see. If it relieves all pain issues for good, I will have discovered a miracle! :) I'll let you know...

Tuesday was a "pamper me" day. I don't do this often, so when I get to go for a pedicure, manicure, and hair appointment in the same day, it's quite relaxing! I wish I could duplicate the way my hairdresser fixes my hair, but I'm always too rushed to take the time she does blowing it dry. Ah well...I enjoy a new 'do while I can.

Wednesday I spent with my mom and dad, having lunch at the nursing home. Dad is looking forward to his birthday next week. I need to order a cake for a party we're planning for him. He is always so appreciative of everything people do for him, especially when I bring him coffee! :)

In the afternoon, I Skyped with one of my guys about a new proposal I'm working on. I think this is the synopsis that will never end at this point. I have rewritten it at least four times. Each time I think I've got it worked out and one of my critique partners or my son gives me reasons to go back and try again. Parts of it worked, parts of it didn't. I think it's giving me a knotted back-ache. (I only get those when I'm stressed.) I can't think of any other reason I'm stressed right now. Well...maybe that's not quite accurate...hmm...

Today I heard of a unexpected death of a brother of someone who used to be close to our family. Then I heard from an old high school friend, and we made lunch plans for later this month. Can't wait to reconnect with her! Today I had lunch with another dear friend whom I don't get to see often enough. Such friendships are straight from God's loving hand, and each one is a treasure!

After lunch I sat down with that dreaded synopsis again and re-tweaked the third act. I'm going to let it sit for the weekend and check it out again next week. I've got a to-do list that keeps growing, and I still haven't made my word count this week on my current work-in-progress. Tomorrow, my mind has got to travel back to Sarai's world in ancient Egypt.

Speaking of Egypt, I finished rereading Mara, Daughter of the Nile, for the third time. I never read books three times, unless it's my own work because I'm constantly rewriting or God's Word because I can never read that enough. Novels are usually one-time reads. But this book still captures my attention, and this read probably won't be my last. There is one other novel that I reread every Christmas - Two From Galilee, a love story of Joseph and Mary. So I guess there are two. I wish I could write so well!

That's the gist of my playing catch-up this week.