Pinterest, Picmonkey, Planning

In between writing books, I'm like everyone else who wants to have fun and find joy in life's little things. Like yesterday - we had lunch with some family members and laughed about something silly my dad said many years ago. Dad had such an unexpected sense of humor, and he seemed to know just the right moments to say something to make us laugh. Later that day as I worked out on the elliptical, I couldn't stop laughing as I recalled my dad's words and imagined the joy and laughter he has every day now in heaven. Which reminds me of a verse I read in Billy Graham's Nearing Home. He quoted 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, "Be joyful always;,..give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." I guess I never really thought of joy as a command - God's will for us. I've been giving that more thought since, and working on finding that daily joy in the Lord.

Some things I've recently discovered, that might not bring joy but are just fun are Pinterest and Picmonkey. I've had a Pinterest account for some time with various boards started, though I admit, I don't play with it often. I have a board for Rebekah, which I thought might be fun for readers to see, and just this week I added a board of Books by Fellow Authors. Some of these authors I know personally. Some I've just read their work and enjoyed it. Most books are fiction, some are not. The board is just beginning as I plan to add many more. I feel bad that I've left some off that should be there, and if you are a friend and don't see your books there, please check back. I'm working on it!

Picmonkey is something I just read about today, through the recommendation of some author friends. So I decided to give it a try. My very first attempt is a picture we took along the California coast (Highway 1) last October. Today in church our pastor quoted part of the verse I put there. He reminded us of the power in the name of Jesus, the power to save. And that verse seemed to fit with this picture of rocks. Jesus is the rock of our salvation. He is the cornerstone. He has many other names in Scripture, but I would be remiss if in all of my writing about Old Testament men and women I didn't remind my readers that the Old Testament is such a wonderful picture of the grace that was to come and was fulfilled in Messiah Yeshua. Jesus.

That name offends some people today, but that name is also the power of God to free us from ourselves. I know it is not politically correct to use His name in public sometimes, and many Christians around the world are persecuted because of their faith in Jesus. Acts 19 gives some interesting stories on the power of Jesus' name. If you get time to read the chapter, please do so.

Aside from Pinterest and Picmonkey, I've been planning. (Had to stick with the "p's" for this point.) :) Planning ahead for a wedding in five months, online dress shopping, shower planning - at least thinking along those lines, preparing for the too-soon empty nest, planning some future goals for the house, travel, etc. Planning stories or looking at plans to redo rooms in the house - particularly one for an office with a door that shuts out kitties when I really need some space, or planning our next vacation or future ministry keeps me busy.

But whatever plans I might make are only peripheral things. My focus is Jesus and Jesus is joy. Still, along life's way, I'm glad for the little things He gifts to us to remind us of his love, whether it's a memory of my dad's humor, a crafty Pinterest board, a picture recreation on Picmonkey, or plans for joyous occasions with those I love. If this life can carry so much joy, I can only imagine how much more Jesus has planned for those who love Him.