Painting the Mustang Part 2

IMG_7570Well this post took longer than I intended! We finished painting the Mustang the week before the first car cruise - the biggest in our local area. Randy spent time sanding and polishing the car, and I think he used up every ounce of energy he had that week! The day of the first cruise was overcast and raining, but we took her on her maiden voyage nonetheless. The car hadn't been driven that far in probably 30 years or so, but sheIMG_7848 made it there without a problem. We parked in Mustang Alley and ate our picnic lunch of almond butter and jelly sandwiches. The rain never did cease, but at times it let up some. Randy walked down the lane to talk to some other Mustang owners, while I stayed with the car and read. I tried standing outside with a golf umbrella for a while, but just standing there holding that heavy thing was harder on the back than sitting in the car. (The seats could use a lesson in comfort - definitely not the comfort cars of today.)

By early afternoon, we left and headed home. Randy spent the next few days continuing to work on little things. By Wednesday, we took her out for her second voyage to another local cruise. At stop lights people talked to us through the open windows and told us what a sweet car we had. :)

IMG_7876We found a place to park along the road and sat in the shade of a tree to watch the rest of the classic cars go by.

Randy putzed with little things on the car the rest of the week, and by Saturday we took her out again, this time to a block party at one of the campuses of our church. Several members brought classic cars, so we figured it would be fun to go too. We ran into some old friends we hadn't seen in IMG_7878ages, and had a good time talking with people. Ryan and his girlfriend, Carissa, came along and they took turns riding with Randy.

We forgot the camera at the last car show. :( But this picture gives a good idea of how the car now looks. There are still things to add and fix, but there are future summers and more car shows to plan ahead for.

So there you have it - our summer adventure painting the Mustang and enjoying the results.

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