The last few weeks have been a bit more stressful than normal - some of it good, some not so good. Perhaps I can share some of it in days to come...But in the midst of it all, I've had some great moments, some intense moments in prayer seeking answers. Slowly, God has been opening my eyes to things I should have known. Things I did know, but have not always put into practice. One of those things is this. I need only concern myself with one day, one hour, one moment.

Sometimes when news hits that worries us or situations arise that trouble us, it is easier to worry about what might happen than to trust the future to God. But Jesus said, "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Yesterday is gone and I can't change it. Tomorrow may never come, and even if it does, I still can't control what will be within the days not yet lived. I have today. I can live only today.

Perhaps this is why Jesus taught his disciples to pray for daily bread. And in the wilderness, the Israelites were given manna to eat on a daily basis except for the Sabbath when they could gather ahead the day before in order to rest on the Sabbath day. God cares about daily needs. Daily strength. Daily joy and peace.

One other thing I was reminded of came today as I listened to Phil Wickham's new CD RESPONSE. The song is called One God, reminding me that there really is only One God who created all, who is over all. There is only One God who has the power to free us from sin and death and hell. One God who is worthy of our worship, of the way we live our lives. Only One God who deserves our allegiance, who is King of all.

One God gives one day at a time to trust Him with that day. That day and not another. Whatever it brings.

One day at a time.

I will trust Him with it.