On that day - a prayer

Jeremiah 14 verse and pic

Sometimes, Lord, it feels like the whole world is falling apart. We hear of wars and rumors of wars. Earthquakes and drought and floods and pestilence and everyone doing what is right in their own eyes. We are not so very different from the people of long ago in Scripture and yet...though we want to think we are good, that things are getting better, that in history past we've faced these same things... WE haven't faced them. We didn't live back then. And we are seeing a whole new set of issues that mimic some very bad things that also happened long ago.

And I know that this is a spiritual issue. We face spiritual enemies who want to deceive us. Who want to destroy your creation just because you love us. And we don't realize sometimes how very easily we can be misled into thinking we are right when sometimes we are not.

Lord, only you are good. Only you can rule this earth and set things right. You're the only one who has the power to fix the broken, to bind up the hurting, to rescue the perishing, to expose the liars, to rid the world of evil.

You're the only one who loved us to hell and back again by your death and resurrection. And we don't always see your love in the midst of the chaos around us. Right is wrong and up is down and dark is light and nothing makes sense any more.

And yet there is still hope. You said these days would come. You said people's hearts would grow cold. You said we would be ungrateful, unloving, following our own selfish ways. And we confess, we do those things. And sometimes we are happily skipping down that path away from you.

We don't want to though, Lord. We want to know you. We want to see you and know you haven't given up on this world even when we push you away.

So please, please, as we rest our heads on our pillows tonight, hear our cries to you for help. Redeem this fallen world by your grace. Show mercy to us though we don't deserve mercy. Give us grace to live the life you have for us.

Please show us how to love you best.

And when the world is going crazy, help us to keep our eyes on you. Give us grace so we can be saved. Each and every one of us. And then...Lord Jesus...please come quickly and make it all right again. Selah~ ‪#‎liveloveprayhope‬ ‪#‎thereisonlyonegodworthyoflove‬ ‪#‎forgodsolovedtheworld‬ ‪#‎evensolordjesuscomequickly‬