On my table and my bookshelf

These days my reading consists of commentaries on Solomon, Beth Moore's Mercy Triumphs Bible study on James, the first round of editing and re-reading Rebekah, and a non-fiction title, Wheat Belly. (More on that last one in a minute.) My fiction reading has dwindled for the moment, but the last book I did read was Moonblood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. Moonblood is the third book in the Tales of Goldstone Wood, an allegorical fantasy series. Heartless, book one, won the Christy Award last year, (wonderful story!), and Veiled Rose, book two, is a finalist for this year's Christy's as well! I loved Veiled Rose! Rose Red and Lionheart are characters you won't soon forget.

In this third book, the author continues the stories of Rose Red and Lionheart and takes them to some surprising conclusions. You will enter a world of dragons and Faerie and strange but wonderful creatures that come to life on the page. If you enjoy fantasy or allegory and even if you don't, give this series a try. Starflower is the next installment and is available for pre-order on Amazon. Of course, Moonblood is also available there, along with the rest of the series.

My latest reading adventure, as I said above, is Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health by William R. Davis M.D. The book explores the underlying reason for obesity and the number of health issues associated with that. He also examines what has happened to wheat in our culture, how the genetic engineering done to create a heartier plant may actually be causing more harm than good. Fascinating reading.

A while back I tried to go gluten-free without really understanding much about it. In reading Dr. Davis's book, I am gaining a better understanding and have decided to forgo the wheat for a time. Healthy eating has always appealed to me, though I do get tired of making salads! Today was not one of those days though, so I built this gigantic salad with three kinds of lettuce, spinach, sprouts, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, onion, dried cherries (a few), hard boiled egg, and sliced almonds. Topped with olive oil and sea salt. Took me half an hour to eat the thing! But it was yummy.

When I got home from a massage (for those tight muscles I get from writing and stress), I wanted a snack, but what to eat? A peach sounded good, but they can be a little tart, and I wasn't in the mood for tart. So I cut it up, added a few cherries, a few grapes, and my favorite vanilla coconut milk to a blender. A perfect smoothie!

So...I am putting into practice what I read. But these reads are scattered throughout the day when I'm not working. Which I have to get back to now.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy reading~ (and eating!)