Oh the places I go...

What does the Secretary of State's office, HGTV website, and the mating cycles of sheep have in common? Answer: I visited or researched each one today.

This morning was dreary, and we got our first light snowfall of the season. But since I am not a fan of dreary, I lit a fire in the fireplace, also lit my favorite candle, grabbed a piece of chocolate and a cup of tea and sat down to work on research and the first draft summary of Rachel's story.

In the process, I keep coming back to chronological issues, which led me to wondering about the gestation (pregnancy) of sheep. (I realize my thought process probably makes no sense, but it does connect.) And someday the information will come in handy as both Jacob and Rachel were shepherds, though it might not help the chronology issue. Oh well...

In between work-related research, I've been doing some personal research on bathrooms. Ours our sorely outdated, and the shower has a leak somewhere. So hubby has been considering taking out the shower door. But if you're going to take out the shower door, you might as well replace it. (It is over 30 years old.) And if you're going to replace the shower door, the tile could use updating. And if you're going to update the tile, the floor could also use redoing...

And if you give a mouse a cookie...you get the idea...

So I've been looking at ways to remodel a small bathroom and get the most use of our space for the lowest cost. Haven't found the best "bathrooms on a budget" website, but I'm still looking.

The snow stopped and the sun came out (significantly brightening my mood!), and since we are expecting 4-6 inches sometime tomorrow, I figured getting my license renewed today wasn't such a bad idea.

The Secretary of State's office was crowded. I should have expected this. After not-so-neatly sliding the car into the parking spot (it was icy) and carefully tromping to the door, I opened the door to a roomful of people.

The security guard asked, "Are you here for license tabs?"

"No. I'm renewing my license."

"Take a number."

Number 55. They were still on number 27. This would be a good time to find a seat. So I walked around trying to find one that wasn't scrunched too close to the people on either side. I found one near the back that suited and spent the time answering email on my phone and playing Bejeweled. (True confession: I am slightly addicted to this game.)

But alas, the time I expected to wait (an hour) moved much quicker (half an hour). Number 55 was called and I walked to the counter, handed over my paperwork, signed two documents, and had my picture taken. Please tell me I'm not the only woman who does her makeup and hair for a license photo!

That finally out of the way, I ran some errands (which included a stop for a Caramel Macchiato) and came home. Which brings me back to my research.

Oh the places I go...


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