I'm so excited to share some cool news with you! But where to begin? Well, as a mom, I just have to start with my kids. So please indulge my #proudmamamoments.

First, my oldest son, Jeff, just took second place in a script-writing contest for science fiction. I've read the script, Redshift, and it's one I could definitely see made into a movie. I have always dreamed of the day when my kids could direct a film they've also written, and I could watch them work. :) Movies have a warm place in the hearts of our family - especially the good ones.

Second, my youngest son, Ryan Galloway, is about to launch his debut novel, Biome. Here is a bit about his book:

Inside the gleaming domes of Mars Colony One, seventeen-year-old Lizzy Engram and her fellow cadets work to make the Red Planet habitable.

And every Sunday night, the doctors erase their memories.

Week by week the procedure is carried out. Until one morning, Lizzy wakes with all of the missing memories inside her head. And not just her own, but the memories of every cadet on the planet-from the boy who falls in love with her every week, to the girl who wants to ruin her life, to the cadets who have simply disappeared.

Now balancing the desires, fears, ideas, and secrets of the entire colony, Lizzy has six days to figure out what the doctors are hiding--and why--or she'll lose more than her memories.

Fans of Divergent, The Hundred, Doctor Who, and Cinder will find themselves carried away in this non-stop extraterrestrial thriller.

For those who might be interested in some of his limited-time giveaways, Ryan is running a Kickstarter campaign. The video alone is fun to watch. You can meet Ryan, see Jeff's directing ability, and the graphic concept art designed by our middle son, Chris is available as part of the campaign. I can't tell you how fun it was to see them all work together on a project like this!

Lastly, I've been holding back on this news but can finally announce it! I recently signed a two-book contract with Revell for non-fiction books about Old Testament women. The theme I will be exploring is "when life doesn't match your dreams." Many, many women in Scripture faced circumstances they didn't ask for or want. How did they handle them? How did they feel going through them? I hope you will join me as I dive into these stories. I will be working next year on the Loves of King Solomon's compilation novel and this new non-fiction book. Much to come in the future. And hopefully so much more to tell.

Thanks for indulging my proud mama moments. I wish I could share even more, but some things are still in the waiting.