Never too late?

NEVER TOO LATE by Jill Eileen Smith

It’s never too late, Though time is slipping fast To make amends For troubled hurts now past. To reach a hand Though riddled now with age. It’s not too late To stop – rewrite the page.

It’s never too late To let them know you care Though time and distance Separate you there. To be the first Let’s bridge the gap and then It’s not too late To start all over again.

It’s never too late To hold the distant one Though father, daughter, Mother, friend, or son. To speak the words “I love you from my heart.” It’s not too late It’s only time to start.

It isn’t too late – as long as there is breath and a willing heart. I wrote that poem many years ago, kind of based on this verse. “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” (Romans 12:18)

As I wrote Rachel's story, I realized that while it may depend on us to bridge a gap, to apologize, to make amends, sometimes relationships can be mended but not restored. Look at Jacob and Esau, for instance. At one point Esau wanted to kill his brother. Twenty years later, Jacob made amends for the rift, but he did not follow where his brother might have led. They each went their separate ways.

Still, as long as there is life there is hope, and if there is someone in our life who would benefit from us taking that step toward restitution, then why not take it? Things may never be the same. And sometimes, people won't allow the thing that caused the rift to be talked out in a reasonable way. But we can still "if possible" be at peace with them as far as it concerns us.

Something to think about.