Never lose hope

Lamentations verse and pic

Steadfast. The dictionary describes this word as meaning: resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering. Couple that with love and you have a resolute unwavering love that NEVER ceases. I don't know about you, but even in your closest relationships, have you ever known that kind of love? Love that NEVER ceases? Not even for a second?

All of us fail. We fail the people we love the most sometimes. But Jeremiah, who wrote these words saw God's love as never failing, never ceasing, resolute, immovable.

Jeremiah also saw a lot of bad stuff in his day. He isn't called the weeping prophet for nothing. He saw his people falling deeper and deeper into sin and no matter what he said, they just wouldn't listen to him. He was rejected for telling them the truth. And he watched them pay the consequences when they were taken into captivity by a foreign nation.

Jeremiah verse and pic

And yet...Jeremiah knew Adonai Elohim. He knew that even though God gave the people the consequences of their sin - they got what they deserved because they wouldn't heed the warnings and repent - yet even then Jeremiah had hope. Why?

Because He knew God's love was ceaseless and His mercies would never come to an end. Even in judgment, God still loved His people. Even in discipline, He had mercy in mind. Even in some of Israel's darkest days, Jeremiah knew there was still reason to hope because He knew the One who offered it. Whose love and mercy demanded hope.

And really, who among us can experience the ceaseless unwavering love of God and taste his endless mercy and not have reason to hope that He can take care of the rest? He can keep His promises. He can answer our prayers. He loves us that much!

We may be looking around us and seeing a lot of the kinds of things Jeremiah saw in his day and we can feel like the world is a pretty bleak place, can't we?

But God. Never forget that God is bigger than the bleakness.

Jeremiah "called to mind" - he didn't forget - he remembered all of the ways God loved, and all of the mercies God had shown in times past and he knew, HE KNEW God could handle the tough now. He remembered and the memories brought hope.

Beloved, I don't know what you are facing tonight, but may you recall, may you purposely remember the love and mercy of God that He has shown you in times past. Remember and realize that if He could do it before, He can do it again. Your struggles are never too great for His mercy. Your fears are never too big for His love.

It is always, always right to hope in Him.

Be blessed tonight. Selah~ #liveloveprayhope #neverlosehope #ceaslessunwaveringloveofgod #unendingmercyofoursavinglordjesus