My new helper

IMG_4407I have forgotten what it is like to have a two-year-old. Even a two-year-old cat. And I think a two-year-old in any species can be a little bit of trouble! Though I must say compared to the kittens we saw at the adoption area, Duchess is tame. (I seriously think she needs a new name. Any suggestions?) Still, she is two and this new addition to our family is proving to be fun and challenging. The first night Tiger did not know what to do with her. She had been the friendly one when we had them meet at the vet the week before. But once she was let out of the cat carrier, Tiger wanted to "meet" her. She wasn't so thrilled about meeting him.

IMG_4384She is the quietest kitty - never made a sound in the car, and when she hisses (mostly at Tiger when he gets too close) she makes very little sound. She has a baby cry, rather as Tiger had for years. Shadow was our howler, and I can't remember if Sandy (our first cat) said much. But she is the first girl we've tried. All of our male cats were sweet and loving, and she seems to be too - just not as much toward our boy. This will hopefully work itself out because she is only with us on trial and I'm already in love.

IMG_4427She's brought out the mama instinct in me again, a feeling I thought long gone. But the protective mama tendency toward Tiger is stronger and I'm hoping and praying they will be right for each other. Tiger has always wanted to snuggle but Shadow wanted no part of it. I think Tiger would curl up with Duchess to sleep if she'd let him, but so far, she's keeping her distance.

She does not keep away from us, however, and tends to follow me around. She is redefining "curiosity" when it comes to cats and climbing on things and exploring things Tiger wouldn't think IMG_2103of doing. (Fearless seems to fit her.) But then I remember she's two and he's nine. When he was a kitten, he was just as curious and climbed on keyboards and traipsed all over desks. I've never had a cat hop into a sock drawer until now though or climbed into a closet to bury herself in the clothes. (Almost lost her in there!)

In any case, she has been our little distraction this week. On day two as we watched Tiger try to coax her to chase him or just play, I could feel his rejection to her refusal. So I got out a catnip mouse and that seemed to help. I uploaded a video of them playing, which was rather fun to watch. Now if they would just continue to get along (no such playing today yet) before she wears me out! (And stops walking on the computer keys instead of sitting nicely in my lap and simply chewing my fingers.) Apparently Tiger needs to give her some household advice.

Until next time...