My crazy life

Well, maybe not exactly crazy - but crazy busy these days, for sure! I think when I look back on 2013, I'm going to breath a sigh and say, "Where did it go?" Is it truly June already? Our nest became empty this past weekend, except for the cats, who prove to provide plenty of entertainment. They don't particularly like the idea of their "parents" sleeping in and having leisurely mornings, so Shadow shoves the door open, while Tiger follows quickly behind. Shadow yells at us and both jump on the bed and traipse around our heads. Not exactly my favorite way to wake up.

Change is an interesting word, and I dare say most of us don't like it in a significant way. If I stopped to list every major change we've faced in the past four years, I would probably want to crawl into the past and stay there. But I'm learning to embrace the future and the changes that it holds. God knows what is coming, and I trust Him.

In the meantime, I'm also trying to stay on top of things. I completed my second draft of Rahab today and sent it off to my two wonderful critique partners. Perhaps they will find places where I can add a thousand words. Normally, I'm looking to cut three thousand or more. This is the first time every change I make reduces my word count. I think I'm too close to the project and need to let it sit a while.

We are counting the days until our son's wedding, and it is approaching faster than it should! In the midst of writing and wedding and such, my new mostly vegetarian diet is growing on me. I'm in love with green smoothies for breakfast, but am now in search of a better blender, as our current one is starting to carry a burning smell when it runs too hard. It's hard to figure out whether to spend a lot or a little since nothing lasts forever and will eventually need replacing anyway.

I found out this week that my publicity assistant at Revell is leaving for a new ministry. She is the contact person for my blog tours, so my contact page is not up-to-date for review copies. Revell is looking for her replacement though, so I will update the page as soon as I can.

I'm finding great comfort in a couple of devotional books - 31 Days of Encouragement and Jesus Calling. And I've got several other books I'm reading in between. They are my down time in my crazy life these days.

How about you? What do you do for down time in these hectic summer days? What things encourage you? I'd love to hear your suggestions!