Mother's Day musings

CCF06092011_00010_3Mother's Day is one of those holidays that can carry both joy and sorrow. But I suppose that is true for every holiday, except perhaps those that focus completely on worship of Jesus and not on ourselves. But that is another topic. Today was a gorgeous day here in Michigan. I determined not to set expectations of anyone, including myself, because when I do that, I always set them different than what they turn out to be. All that does is set me up for disappointments or what might-have-beens. Not a good idea.

Amy Grant sings a great song that alludes to this called "Greet the Day". In it she sings, "lead me to the ones I need, to the one who's needing me, I won't assume the worst is true, do the best that I can do." That seems like a good motto to greet each morning. That along with remembering that "this is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it." Of course, that's always easier to do when the sun in shining as it did today!

As it turned out Mother's Day was relaxed and fun and those are the best kind of days for me. We went to church, chatted with a few friends afterward, picked up pizza, cannolis, my mom, and came home to eat and watch the Tiger ball game (my mom's favorite). That they lost wasn't so great, but it was still nice to be together.

IMG_2102I got phone calls from each of our boys, which means more to me than flowers or chocolate or most anything you could give me. Tiger also decided to snuggle me just when I wanted to lay down on the couch to read. He is decidedly not great at sharing a lap with a computer, a Kindle, a book, or a cell phone. He also finds every necklace I wear irresistible, and makes a general nuisance of snuggling sometimes. But then he purrs and gives me kisses and who can resist that?

I decided Tiger needs an iPad with a piano keyboard app. I think he could make his own music since he seems to think he knows how to use a touch screen. Think he could end up famous on YouTube? :)

All in all, a day is just a day, whether it has a holiday name attached to it or not. It's the people in our lives that make it special - the ones we need and the ones who need us, whoever they may be that day. And one thing I've learned is that every day is different and none can be repeated.

We may try to repeat something wonderful from our past. But there will never be another Mother's Day with my mom and pizza and cannolis and baseball like there was this year. Even if we duplicated it entirely, something would be different.

So I enjoy the moments. I notice the beautiful sky, let the wind blow my hair, walk barefoot in the grass, smell the pie or cookies baking, feel the kitty's sandpapery tongue on my skin. Life is a gift. Being a mom has been a gift I've never take for granted and have always cherished. And I thank God for every son, a sweet daughter-in-law, the kitties we've shared our lives with, and my own mom who, by God's choosing and her willingness, gave me life in the first place.

The oldest mom in church today was also celebrating her 100th birthday. My mom is 90. How cool is that?

I am richly blessed.

How about you?