MICHAL winner and...

Sean MacKenzie is the winner of a copy of Michal! Please contact me with your address so I can get it in the mail to you! I posted a poll on my Facebook author page to help me with some research on Rebekah's story. I have my own ideas on the subject, but I love to get new perspectives from readers. So if you get the chance to hop over to the page, you can leave a comment or choose one of the options I've given. Or email me through my contact page with your comments. I'd love to hear from you!

It's interesting to me to explore human relationships, especially as it relates to marriage and children for this story. Isaac and Rebekah don't take up a lot of page time in Scripture, but their story spans a lot of years. What is told holds much drama, and when you stop to think about it, one has to wonder what went on behind the scenes. How did they arrive at a place where they played favorites with their sons? Was it something petty and superficial, or could the truth go much deeper than that?

Why would a couple who started out so in love at the start end up at odds with each other and taking sides against their own children? They are a study in what ought not be, and yet...there is much to ponder. I don't think their story is a simple one.

So I am beginning to truly enjoy the journey of discovery as I write this first draft. It will probably end up too long, and I will go back to the beginning and rethink it all again, but that is the way it works for me. I will read this book over at least half a dozen times before I turn it in, but first I have to finish this draft. I am dying to go back and reread. Soon...

I crested 77,000 words this week and am hoping to finish in early June. That sounds good, but the story is a long way from completed. The best parts lay ahead. I have always loved editing best!